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April 1969 Champ Car race program

Click on the image to see a low-resolution version of the programThe third annual "California 200" on April 13, 1969, was the last of four IndyCar races held at Hanford Motor Speedway -- as far as I can tell -- the last major race held at the track.

The 36-page program was the first of four Champ Car races that didn't  feature cartoon-like artwork, instead featuring 1968 USAC national champ Bobby Unser sitting in his checkerboard No. 1.

The chassis-engine mix had a new twist for 1969, as turbines were nowhere to be seen, although Art Pollard was driving one of the wedge-shaped chassis retrofitted with a turbo Offy.

Here's an index of the various chassis-engine combinations listed in the program:

  • Brawner Turbo Ford
  • Chinook Ford V8Bill Vukovich II raced in all four Champ Car races at Hanford.
  • Coyote Turbo Ford
  • Eagle Turbo Chevy
  • Eagle Turbo Ford
  • Eagle Turbo Offy
  • Finley Turbo Offy
  • Gerhardt Chevy V8
  • Gerhardt Offy
  • Gerhardt Turbo Offy
  • Gilbert Chevy V8
  • Laycock Turbo Offy
  • Lola Turbo Ford
  • Shrike Turbo Chevy
  • Shrike Offy
  • Smith Offy
  • Vollstedt Turbo Ford
  • Ward Turbo Offy (this was a front-engine dirt car owned by William Seidelman of Tacoma and driven by Tommy Copp of Fresno).
  • Watson Turbo Offy (one of these was a front-engine roadster owned by Joe Hunt of Los Angeles and driven by George Snider of Bakersfield).

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