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Foos ride 'Sonic Highways' in highlighting hotbeds of popular music

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by what seems like an endless stream of musical documentaries but "Sonic Highways" is one I can't wait to experience. 

"Sonic Highways" is an eight-episode HBO series featuring Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters making weeklong stops in eight famed music cities around the U.S., immersing themselves in the sonic culture, then putting their experiences into a song at week's end. 

As drummer Taylor Hawkins says in the trailer above, that seems like a daunting task, particularly when the cities/locales are as varied as Seattle, the SoCal desert, New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, Austin and Washington, D.C. Those are places with deep musical histories, with characters and stories aplenty. 

I'm hopeful the band stretches its chops in truly embracing the local influences. But the songs featured in this trailer sound very Fooish, so I'm hoping the band is saving the surprises for each show. Let's hope so. 

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