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'Top of the Lake' is TV at its best

I just finished watching “Top of the Lake,” a disturbing but thrilling seven-hour BBC mini-series packed with terrific acting, gorgeous cinematography and plot twists that keep you guessing right up until the end. 

“Top of the Lake” stars Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” fame, and she delivers a marvelous performance in a complex role that is both inspiring and gut-wrenching. Moss was nominated for an Emmy and won a Critic’s Choice award in playing a troubled New Zealand police detective relentlessly pursuing the mysterious disappearance of a teen girl. 

While Moss is the star, a top-notch cast of bizarre characters shares the spotlight in one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen. But be forewarned: Its portrait of mental and physical abuse of children, women and men is not for the faint of heart. 

“Top of the Lake” is far from cheery, but it’s an inspiring reminder that a flawed society will always have good-hearted people to counter bullies, perverts and criminals. 

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