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Pure power pop, 20/20 style

Some of my seminal music moments occurred in the garage of my childhood home, where as a teen-ager I lifted weights in hopes of adding muscle and weight to my very slim frame (what I'd give to be so frail and skinny again). 

That didn't work so well, but because I lifted at night I was able to get the faint signal of K100 out of Porterville, a country station by day and adventurous rock at night.

Thanks to the nighttime K100 DJs, I was introduced to new sounds from an L.A. band called 20/20, and in particular, a song called "Yellow Pills." While I was too naive to know what yellow pills were, I was sharp enough to recognize that this music was special.

The next day I bought 20/20's debut album, which remains one of my favorite albums to this day, anchored by magical songs like "Cheri," "Out of This Time," "Tell Me Why (I Can't Understand You" and many more.  

These memories were prompted after stumbling across "Cheri" on the PopGeekHeaven website. Thirty-five years later, I'm thankful I turned to "Yellow Pills" instead of yellow pills in discovering a drug perhaps equally exhilirating but ultimately more rewarding. 

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