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Facebook Live

Early on in the press run at The Register-GuardI did a Facebook Live video during a Thanksgiving Eve visit to our pressroom to visit employees on the busiest night of our year -- the Thanksgiving Day paper had nearly 700 pages of news and advertising. 

My goal was to show the pressroom and packaging and assembly department in full motion, to demystify a little bit of what we do to print and distribute a newspaper each day. We call the newspaper "the daily miracle" for good reason, and seeing and hearing the newspaper come to life from digits to hard ink and paper never gets old. 

This was my first Facebook Live video, so there were some technical things I learned that I won't repeat next time, but all in all I thought the end result gave people a taste of the hard work many people do to print a top-quality newspaper and get it distributed each day.


My interview with Oregon Business

Playing a little catch-up here: Oregon Business magazine published an interview with me this summer. 

The print presentation (as seen in a page to the right) is much more flattering than the online version but see here if you want details on my experiences since moving to Oregon. 


My new column: a Give & Take with readers

I have begun writing a new column for the Register-Guard called Give & Take.

The idea is borrowed from Sound Off, the weekly column I helped launch at The Bakersfield Californian.

The goal of Give & Take is to have a conversation with readers about our mission, and to give them a place to ask questions about our content and coverage, and to share compliments, criticisms or suggestions about what we do. Over time I hope to the column becomes less about the nuts and bolts of producing and delivering news and more about the steps local media companies need to take to do a better job of connecting their communities at a time when trust in media is dissapating quickly. 

My first column generated a flood of responses, so I've been posting a few answers online-first or online-only to keep things moving while I settle into a regular publishing schedule. 

We're parking all the columns, long and short, in a Give & Take section at

Let me know what you think.