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Reader: Hanford 250 "the best auto race I have ever seen"

Reader Mike Franovich emailed some compliments, as well as some memories of the Hanford 250 Champ Car race in November 1968, which he described as "the best auto race I have ever seen."

In justifying that statement, Franovich wrote:

"The November race at Hanford in 1968 was a great race for several reasons. You had the turbo Offys, turbo Fords, the classic Ford DOHC and the turbines. You also had the usual variety of chassis found during this time period, including the four-wheel-drive Lola that Al Unser drove. This was the most competitive race I have ever watched. Foyt, B. Unser, and Andretti fought neck and neck throughout the entire second half of the race. Each driver led during this stretch, and they were never separated by more than a few car lengths. Foyt won the race, which gave the Turbo Ford its first victory."

Of Hanford Motor Speedway, Franovich recalled "the distance (I believe that was a unique distance for a track at that time), the fact that the two short straights were different lengths, and the relatively low banking."

Thanks for sharing those memories, Mike. Anyone with stories or facts about the track can share the, in the comments section below or by emailing me

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