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Cool photos of Marchbanks road course

One of the best views yet of the road course, circa September 1960Reader Richard Hodges from across the Pond in the United Kingdom passed along two copies of MotoRacing that contained some great info on the Marchbanks road course, newly opened in the summer of 1960. Included was a photo that showed an angle of the road course I had never before seen.

Racing with panache during a Cal Club meet in July 1961 (photo from MotoRacing)The California Sports Car Club raced for the first time at the $700,000 on Sept. 18, 1960, with less than 100 cars and motorcycles drawing somewhere under 2,000 fans. MotoRacing's race report said Marchbanks' "new Daytona-type circuit, with its 18- and 22-degree banking and tight infield turns, should turn into one of California's most popular courses. Minor paving problems -- the track broke up in several places -- was the major, and practically the only criticism of this lay-out."

MotoRacing described three banked turns, including a "17-degree," 470-foot radius turn that dropped into the infield then reappearing "on the 22-degree banking across from the start-finish." Winning average speeds ranged from 59 to 65 mph, depending on the class, which included formula car and motorcycles.

Soon to be legendary road racer George Follmer was among the competitors.

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