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Fresh updates to Marchbanks Speedway/Hanford Motor Speedway history

I just finished making a bunch of updates to a variety of stories in my Marchbanks Speedway section, including lots of fixes and additions to the main track history

Some of the more noticeable changes include:

  • Interviews with Champ Car drivers Mario Andretti, Bobby Unser, Mel Kenyon and George Benson.
  • Wonderful photos and memories from motorsports journalist Ken Durham, who shot photos of the Champ Car races as a teen-ager. 
  • Other reader stories.
  • A 1951 ad and article clipping for the NASCAR Grand National race.
  • An update to the Ernie Cornelson obituary.
  • Specifics on when the track changed names.
  • Specifics on management and leasing deals from 1958-70.
  • More 1953 photos from the Tommy Trader collection.
  • A breakdown of 1969 Champ Car race revenue.
  • A photo of Joe Leonard driving Parnelli Jones' Lotus-Pratt & Whitney during the Fall 1968 Champ Car race.
  • Tidbits about the King School house being moved to Marchbanks, drag racing and boxing matches.

Please continue to share your ideas, stories and feedback. I've gotten great reaction and help from people around the world, and I'd love for that to continue. You're invaluable in helping me fill holes, correct mistakes and find new sources. 

You can add your comments to the main history or email me directly.

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