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Watershed refuses to give up the dream


I'm always a fan of the underdog, particularly when it comes to musicians and all the moreso when it's good-hearted musicians who have been slugging away for 20 years with only a fleeting moment in the limelight. 

Say hey to Watershed, an Ohio band that's been chasing the dream for nearly 20 years. Outside of a short-lived cup of coffee with a major label in the early 1990s, Watershed has been playing dive bars and releasing solid power pop on little-known labels every few years.

I had never heard of the band until NPR highlighted a new book titled "Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll" by band member Joe Oestreich. Hitless Wonder" profiles a band that like the more famous Anvil, just won't let their elusive dreams of fame and fortune go. 

The band's enthusiasm, tireless commitment and penchant for decent hooks has won me over. The band's latest album "Brick and Mortar" (stream it above) is a steady stream of good to sometimes great power pop. That's not to say there aren't warts. There are -- strained vocals here and spotty lyrics there -- but those are minor blemishes in what is a fun listen that I've had on regular rotation over the past three weeks.

"Brick And Mortar's" fierce energy and tight arrangements are a testament that good things can come when one never gives in.

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