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'Why Melky Why?'

File this under Fast Turnaround: The Baseball Project has jumped on the troublesome (if you're a Giants fan or baseblal purist) news that San Francisco star Melky Cabrera had been suspended for 50 games for using testosterone, which is illegal under pro baseball rules. 

The Baseball Project, as you might suspect, is a band whose focus is on baseball-themed music. I'm hesitant to call it a supergroup, but its members do include alumni of The Dream Syndicate, REM and Young Fresh Fellows. And they're getting pretty good at not only interpreting baseball history but jumping on the news of the day. 

Cabrera's suspension was announced Wednesday afternoon, and The Baseball Project delivered this ditty earlier today. One may argue the song written by Scott McCaughey (the Young Fresh Fellows guy) is a stretch lyrically and musically, but let's set that aside for a moment. 

The news was earthshaking for Giants fans, but not so much we'd appreciate a more polished song a few months from now. There's something to be said for a little bit raw and underdeveloped. 

Having said that, let's thank McGaughey for setting the table. Not, how about a callout for an equally passionate DJ who can take this SoundCloud file and inject a massive dance beat. That -- I think -- would give the song the punch it needs, and add an anthemic feel that Giants fans would feel more comfortable singing in unison, fists pumping, anger spewing. 

Instead of mourning the Melky's loss, let's celebrate his absence and fire up the players who remain -- hopefully free of performance-enhancing substances. 

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